Bulgaria's Thracian Heritage           

The Panagyurishte Treasure

The Vulchitrun Treasure


The  Rogozen Treasure


The Small Tomb Treasure


The Letnitsa Treasure


The Borovo Treasure

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The Letnitza Treasure, appliques, mid-4th century BCThe Letnitza treasure was discovered in 1964 - contained by a bronze cauldron buried with its mouth downward.

The find has been dated to the mid-fourth century BC and consists of 22 gold and silver-and-gilt appliqus making up the decoration of horse trappings with numerous scenes depicting warriors on horseback, animal fights, mythical creatures. The appliqus with human figure representations are truly remarkable. They illustrate the hero's initiation trial. The plaques show him in various contexts - as a horseman defeating a bear and a wolf, in a scene of hierogamy, etc. The appliqus from the Letnitza hoard throw light on the mythological beliefs of the ancient Thracians.

The Letnitza Treasure, the container, mid-4th century BC

The Letnitza Treasure, appliques, silver and gilt, mid-4th century BC

The Letnitza Treasure, hierogamia applique, mid-4th century BC

The Letnitza Treasure, phalera, silver and gilt, mid-4th century BC

The Letnitza Treasure, open-work appliques, mid-4th century BC

The Varna Necropolis Treasure


The Duvanlii Treasure


The Mogilanska Mogila Treasure


The Loukovit Treasure


The Kralevo Treasure


The Svetitsata Treasure


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