In 1943, in his capacity as deputy chairman of the 25th National Assembly, Dimitar Peshev took advantage of his political position to urge the issuing of an order for halting the convoys destined for Auschwitz, where the Bulgarian Jews had to be deported. To this purpose, he initiated a subscription among the deputies in the Assembly. The Bulgarian society has long been distinguished for its exceptional ethnic and religious tolerance, so Peshev was able to achieve his goal despite the dictatorship of his contemporary pro-Hitlerite regime.
After 1994, when the Communists took power, Peshev was sentenced to prison on account of charges of acts of 'anti-Semitism'. However, he actually did not go to prison after his preliminary custody. The Communist authorities prohibited him from exercising his profession. Towards the end of his life, Peshev received a small pension granted by the Israeli government. He died in 1973.

As we already announced in our daily news bulletin, on 6 November 1998 Dimitar Peshev's contribution was celebrated in the Bulgarian National Assembly. The ceremony was broadcast live on TV.

The commemoration was attended by Vice President Todor Kavaldzhiev, an Israeli delegation headed by President of Knesset Dan Tihon, the President of the Union of the Bulgarian immigrants in Israel Yossif Kioso and an Italian delegation led by Pierluigi Petrini, Vice President of the House of Deputies, including deputies Dario Rivolta and Nando Della Chiesa. Present was also Mr. Gabriele Nissim - the author of "The Man Who Stopped Hitler".

It should be pointed out that prior to its celebration in Bulgaria, there was a solemn ceremony commemorating Peshev's exploit in the Italian Parliament, and on November 17 he was commemorated by the European Parliament in Strasbourg.
On behalf of President Stoyanov, Dimitar Peshev was posthumously awarded the order of The Horseman of Madara by Chairman of the National Assembly Yordan Sokolov.

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